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Welcome to our gaming section

We are hosting several gaming servers and have also clans in some games. In the following you can get all the informationen you need for playing on our game servers or joining one of our clans. Further below are information how to join our gaming clans.

Game Servers

Active Game Servers

We are hosting several game servers for the community. Here are all of them:

Modded Factorio (Modpack 1.1)

  • Adress:
  • Passwort: "bhc.de1337"
  • Updates: None
  • Modpackage (ask in chat for password):

Renegade X

  • Adress:
  • Port: 7777
  • Passwort: No Password
  • Updates: On Request

OpenRA (td/ra/rabhc)

  • Adress: Use Openra Server Lobby
  • Name: BHC Community Server
  • Passwort: "bhcde", not all Servers require a Password
  • Updates: On Request
  • rabhc Mod Download:

7 Days to Die

  • Adress:
  • Passwort: "bhcde"
  • Updates: On Request

Nothing interesting? Contact us in chat or discord, maybe we host a server for you :)

Inactive Game Servers

We take game servers offline, once people stop playing, but we also bring them back if you request it. Here are all of them:


  • Adress:
  • Port: 7878
  • Passwort: "bhcde"
  • Updates: On Request

Terraria Calamaty

Modded Factorio

Minecraft SevTech Ages

    Instructions to Install the Mod (Thanks to Nevar for the instructions)
  • Download Twitch Launcher: Download
  • Login with Twitch Account
  • Go to Mods, download the Modpack Sev Tech Ages for Minecraft Version 1.12
  • After downloading, start it, and log in with your Minecraft Account
  • Before starting Minecraft, adjust your SevTech Profile, so it uses 5-6 GB of RAM
  • After starting go to Multyplayer and join the Server with the IP ""
Instructions to Update the Mod

If you already installed SevTech Ages for an earlier Version of the Pack, you have to Update it to the Version 3.0.8, to do so, open the Twitch Launcher, go into the Mods Tab and click on the Arrow next to the play Button of your SevTech Ages Modpack, make sure, you are updating to the Version 3.0.8, if you haven't installed Sevtech Ages at all, please refer to the installation Guide above

Discontinued Game Servers

Modded Factorio (Modpack 1.0)

BlackHandCommando Clans